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1st Global Conference on Positive Change – April, 13 & 14 in Amsterdam

We believe in creating a happier and better world by using positive change. We know that positive change inspires, engages and delivers results with a positive impact. Imagine a two day conference where you will be inspired by the many examples worldwide of applications of positive change and connecting with like-minded individuals.

. Leave the conference enriched, fueled by the stories you’ve heard and shared.
. Gain practical insights on how to bring positive change into your world.
. And of course expand your network with new and positive relationships.

Meet Diana Whitney, Paul Ikse, Samantha Yarwood and many more at the conference. The Global Conference for Positive Change will give you the opportunity to have conversations with businesses and individuals who are using Positive Change in their organizations with spectacular results.

For more information on the program for this event and to book please go to the Global Conference on Positive Change website.

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