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You are involved in academical teaching and research at a university and Appreciative Inquiry and social constructionism are part of your program. You are curious to hear about the thoughts of fellow academics, their research and their latest books. And you want to share your own findings as well.

As an academic you understand the importance of sustaining the treasure of almost 20 years of AI Practitioner. The library of the university is the best place to make access to the AI Practitioner possible.

Your librarian can tell you what will work best: some universities obtain all their titles through a third party, such as EBSCO. Others subscribe and download a copy from our website and make it available in their own database. Subscribe here, with EBSCO, or contact us.

NOTE: Subscriptions are per Calendar-year, so all 4 issues published in 2019.


399.00 for 1 year

Themes in 2019

February 2019

Appreciative Inquiry in Africa

Editors Mette Jacobsgaard and Anastasia Bukashe

May 2019

Schrödinger’s Cat and Questions: Catalyzing Sustainable Development Goals and Shareholder Networks for Impact, Transformation and Scalable Outcomes

Editors Steven N. Pyser and Dhairya Punjara

August 2019

The Craft of Participation in a Changing World

Arne Gillert, Kris Snick and Pieterjan van Wijngaarden

November 2019

WAIC 2019: Is It Possible to Create a Better World?

Jean Pagès, Jean Christophe Barralis and Christine Cayré


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