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"I was intrigued by the research study from South Africa and have followed up on that."

Gervase Bushe (Canada/USA)

You are involved in academical teaching and research at a university and Appreciative Inquiry and social constructionism are part of your program. You are curious to hear about the thoughts of fellow academics, their research and their latest books. And you want to share your own findings as well.

As an academic you understand the importance of sustaining the treasure of almost 20 years of AI Practitioner. The library of the university is the best place to make access to the AI Practitioner possible.

Your librarian can tell you what will work best: some universities obtain all their titles through a third party, such as EBSCO. Others subscribe and download a copy from our website and make it available in their own database. Subscribe here, with EBSCO, or contact us.

399.00 for 1 year and a 399.00 sign-up fee

First payment: 1 January 2018

Themes in 2017 & 2018

May 2018

Learning Leaders

See Call for Submissions in Blogs.

February 2018

AI in Africa

Want to be guest-editor? Contact editor-in-chief Wick van der Vaart.

November 2017

Appreciative Inquiry and Peace

Soon guest-editor Dan Saint will call for submissions.

August 2017

Appreciating Politics

This issue of AI Practitioner includes examples of new perspectives on ways to (re-)appreciate the current state of politics. What does appreciating politics mean? What happens if we regard politics through an appreciative lens?

May 2017


As an introduction to the Fourth Global Forum conference this issue will showcase extraordinary stories of radical business innovation and net positive impact from around the world, as part of a global learning challenge to build a better world.

February 2017

Young Practitioners Co-Creating Appreciative Inquiry of the Future

Young Practitioners exploring two reoccurring questions: what is the meaning of appreciation, and what is the essence of AI’s nature? In this issue young practitioners share their thoughts, experiences and ideas regarding these topics. Their aim is to reflect, and to search for new perspectives, together.


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