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February 2015
Appreciation and Generative Dialogues
Reflections and Appreciative Inquiry Practices from Ibero-America

This special issue about AI’s contributions from Ibero-America (Latin America, Puerto Rico and Spain) presents recent theoretical developments and experiences of working in very diverse settings.

Editors: Dora Fried Schnitman, Ph.D., Jorge Sanhueza Rahmer, Ph.D. and Miriam Subirana

May 2015
Intergenerational Appreciative Inquiry: In Conversation and In Action

This issue focuses on intergenerational interactions, how they create generativity through multi-age conversations and minimize limitations created by socially constructed labels based on people’s age

Editors: Dr. Matthew Moehle, Dr. Marge Schiller and Dr. Peter Whitehouse

August 2015
Consultants & Clients Co-authoring Sustainable Results in Organisations and Communities

In this issue we showcase what is being co-authored and the results achieved by client-practitioners and organisational consultants working together with their strengths-based approaches and methodologies.

Editor: Ralph Weickel

November 2015
Appreciative & Strengths-based Lean Thinking
Positive engagement with business improvement and efficiency

In this edition, we explore, learn with the community and further expand the knowledge about how Appreciative Inquiry can be combined with Lean Thinking in practice

Editors: David Shaked & Nicolas Stampf

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Appreciative & Strengths-based Lean Thinking

AI Practitioner November 2015


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