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February 2016
How Has Appreciative Inquiry Lived Up To its Promises? What Will the Future of Appreciative Inquiry Look Like?
This issue asks what have experienced practitioners discovered about AI? What are their dreams for the future? And what about those new to Appreciative Inquiry? What are their thoughts?

Editors: Robbert Masselink and Wick van der Vaart

Sponsor: Instituut voor Interventiekunde

Feature Choice

Communication and Generativity in Appreciative Inquiry Practice: A review of recent peer-reviewed research by Kevin Real, Ph.D.

Research Review & Notes

Can a Leader Be Too Appreciative? by Freddie Crous

May 2016
Bettering Sport through Appreciative Lenses and Practices
This special issue revisits, broadens and re-frames some of the significant messages described in AI Practitioner’s groundbreaking article by Diana Whitney and Barbara Fredrickson (August 2015) called, ‘Appreciative Inquiry meets Positive Psychology’

Editors: Tony Ghaye and Sarah Lee

Feature Choice

Patterns of Sense-Making and Learning by Hans Uijen

Research Review & Notes

Reflection with Executives: A tool with improved performance by Marianne Tracy, PhD

August 2016
Leadership in the Appreciative Paradigm
Regardless of region, we see a world striving for a new way to live. We know that the traditional ways of leadership – those who knew “it” and were in control – are no longer sufficient and at the same time we see that the new generation is struggling in what the new form of leadership might be. This issue will address concepts of appreciative leadership, relational leadership, transformational leadership, servant leadership or other practices and theories of leadership that speak to similar phenomena.

Editors: Daniel K. Saint, Joep C. de Jong and Sophie Vrolijk

Feature Choice

Using Quantum Storytelling to Bridge Appreciative Inquiry to Socio-Economic Approach to Intervention Research by David M. Boje and Hank Strevel

Research Review & Notes

Appreciative Inquiry and its Impact on United States Municipalities by Dr. Anthony H. Schmidt Jr.

November 2016
Coaching for Transcendence
This issue of AI Practitioner focuses on coaching for deep change at superconscious, intuitive levels and for meaning beyond the manifested mind/body into the unmanifested energy space. It will explore the possibilities of coaching “with spirit” and for spiritual transformation, through an Appreciative Inquiry and coaching lens.

Editors: Neena Verma and Ram Ramanathan

Feature Choice

Lessons from the Field: Appreciative Inquiry in the US military by Captain Chase Lane, Dr. Dave Levy, Lieutenant Colonel Pat Heflin and Major Paul Prosper

Research Review & Notes

Using an Appreciative Inquiry Approach to Support Intrinsic Motivation in Higher Education Courses by Betty McQuain

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How Has Appreciative Inquiry Lived Up To its Promises? What Will the Future of Appreciative Inquiry Look Like?

AI Practitioner February 2016


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