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Peer review process

AI Practitioner is an international journal devoted to Appreciative Inquiry and related disciplines. Appreciative Inquiry is a positive, strengths-based change approach which is revolutionising the field of organisational development and change. The journal brings together articles on current research and practice written by and devoted to AI practitioners and research-practitioners.

AI Practitioner is published online quarterly in February, May, August and November on this website and can be purchased either as a complete issue or as individual articles. Between six and twelve articles are published per issue.

Each issue is devoted to a particular aspect of Appreciative Inquiry, and guest edited by experts in both the chosen topic and Appreciative Inquiry.

The peer review process is two-tier. In the initial, blind-review stage, guest editors send out a call for submissions and review the articles submitted to decide which to choose for publication. They may also ask for a second opinion, either from one of the other guest editors or from another expert in the field.

Once the articles are selected, an open review takes place, with one editor taking the lead in reviewing and commenting on the article to the author(s). Depending on the number of editors for the issue, one or more may serve as backup.

There is also a reserve list of academics/AI practitioner-researchers in a variety of fields who have agreed to serve as reviewers either at the blind or open review stage. The guest editors choose from a list of reviewers suitable and available for the relevant issue.

Do you want to become a reviewer for AI Practitioner?

Articles chosen for publication in the journal range from theoretical to practical ‘stories from the field’. The variety is integral to the journal, and the balance depends on the subject of the issue and the decisions of the editors. AI Practitioner is looking for reviewers who will be comfortable applying AI principles to reviews of both academic, theoretical, research-based articles and practical, experience-based stories.

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Editors for the February 2017 to May 2018 issue were:

February 2017
Young Practitioners Co-creating Appreciative Inquiry of the Future

Barbara van Kesteren
Lysanne Beekhof
Ingeborg Koster-Kooger

May 2017
Business, Schools and Communities as Agents of World Benefit: Flourishing in Challenging Times

David L. Cooperrider
Wick van der Vaart

August 2017
Appreciating Politics

Suzanne Hoogland
Fleur Renirie
Floor ten Holder

November 2017
What Really Matters: Celebrating Wick van der Vaart

Shelagh Aitken
Robbert Masselink
Mark Lough
Mirko Opdam
Joep C. de Jong

February 2018
Appreciating Peace

Joep C. de Jong
Dan Saint

Find here a list of all previous guest editors for AI Practitioner.


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