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AI Practitioner is an international journal devoted to Appreciative Inquiry and related disciplines. Appreciative Inquiry is a positive, strengths-based change approach which is revolutionising the field of organisational development and change. The journal brings together articles on current research and practice written by and devoted to AI practitioners and research-practitioners.

AI Practitioner is published online quarterly in February, May, August and November at, and can be purchased either as a complete issue or as individual articles. Between six and twelve articles are published per issue.

Each issue is devoted to a particular aspect of Appreciative Inquiry, and guest edited by experts in both the chosen topic and Appreciative Inquiry.

The peer review process is two-tier. In the initial stage, guest editors send out a call for submissions and review the articles submitted to decide which to choose for publication. The contributors are given a choice at that time of an open review or a double-blind review.

If contributors choose an open review process, one editor will the lead in reviewing and commenting on the article to the contributor(s). Depending on the number of editors for the issue, one or more may contribute to the process.

If contributors choose a double-blind review process, two reviewers from the list of academics/AI practitioner-researchers in a variety of fields who have agreed to serve as reviewers will be selected to review the articles.

List of previous guest editors for AI Practitioner.

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Editors 2018-2020:

February 2020
The Open Issue

Luc Verheijen
Lindsey N. Godwin
Saskia Tjepkema

November 2019
WAIC 2019: Is It Possible to Create a Better World?/ Est-ce Possible de Créer un Meilleur Monde?

Jean Pagès
Jean Christophe Barralis
Christine Cayré

August 2019
The Craft of Participation in a Changing World: How AI Practitioners Can Help in ‘Holding Space’ for Generative Conversations

Arne Gillert
Kris Snick
Pieterjan van Wijngaarden

May 2019
Schrödinger’s Cat and Questions

Steven N. Pyser
Dhairya Pujara

February 2019
An African Perspective on Appreciative Inquiry

Mette Jacobsgaard
Anastasia M. Bukashe

November 2018
Accelerating Positive Education Around The World

David Cooperrider
Lindsey N. Godwin

August 2018
Raising the Appreciative Voice

Loretta L. Donovan
Suzanne Roff

May 2018
Learning Leaders

Louis Alloro
Cecile G. Betit
Marge Schiller
Jackie Stavros

February 2018
Appreciating Peace

Joep C. de Jong
Dan Saint

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