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Invitation to Contribute to the November 2024

AI Practitioner issue on “Naturalising AI” 

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How can we make Appreciating and Inquiring as Natural as Breathing, the way it was when we were infants? 

I am Nick Heap, Guest Editor of the issue. I am looking for stories, ideas, practices, tools, reflections, poems, questions – or things I haven’t considered. There might be ways you have used Appreciative Inquiry without calling it “AI” or using jargon. There could be things you did that were consistent with the theory and practice before you knew about AI. Or they might be future possibilities, as well as concrete experience. 

It would be ideal to have contributions written in plain language. You can write something immediately or send me a summary or outline of what you would like to say. It’s up to you. 

Why is “Naturalising AI” important? 

Appreciative Inquiry is a powerful, optimistic, and satisfying way to get good things to happen. It deserves to be widely known and used. It is easy to grasp, but looking for what works and building on that isn’t the normal way we do politics, education, health, manage relationships or work together. The world will be a much better place when we get it to spread! 

Any comments or questions on any of this are welcome. 


I’m looking for contributions up to 2500 words in length; podcasts; blogs; photo or visual essays – whatever is most natural for you to share your ideas about naturalising AI. 

Outlines or summaries should be received by June, 2024. Final versions of the articles will need to be submitted by the beginning of August 2024. 

Getting in touch 

Please contact me by email, WhatsApp +44 7879 861525. You can book a call here. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Nick 

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  1. Hans Uijen says:

    Very good topic choice, Nick!
    It ‘works’ so much better if we can appreciate and inquire appreciatively ‘naturally’, IMO.
    Jargon and ‘method’ or methodology easily detract from actual appreciative connection and being.
    Looking forward to the issue.
    Let me think/see if I can contribute.
    Very best,

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