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Do you love the idea of Appreciative Inquiry, but you’re not sure how
you would put it into practice? This book is the step-by-step guide to
get you started using it confidently with teams and small groups.
Author Andy Smith has over 15 years’ experience of facilitating
Appreciative Inquiry processes. He has trained hundreds of people in how
to put the theory of Appreciative Inquiry into practice – now let him
share with you practical tips and formats for implementing each stage of
the process.

“With this book, Andy Smith showcases his gifts as a trainer and how
much he loves passing on the value of the Appreciative Inquiry
methodology. Significantly Andy explains how it can be integrated with
many other tools to help teams define and achieve objectives at whatever
level of functioning they find themselves. It’s a highly practical
handbook for both newbies and experienced facilitators.”
Robyn Stratton-Berkessel, author, Appreciative Inquiry for
Collaborative Solutions, and host, Positivity Strategist Podcast.

In this book you’ll discover a practical, scalable process that you
can use to:
• Structure a team coaching session that will change thinking and
generate results
• Quickly get diverse groups talking freely to each other
• Get everyone collaborating on creating a shared vision
• Unleash the creativity of everyone in the team to generate new ideas
• Get from vision to action plan in less than two hours, with an
engaging, participative method that involves the whole team…

Plus the book gives you a clear explanation of the principles that
underpin Appreciative Inquiry and – crucially – how to apply them in

There’s also a summary of more recent discoveries in neuroscience that
explain why Appreciative Inquiry works so well – and which every
coach, leader, and change agent needs to know about.

“This is a great how-to book on using Appreciative Inquiry. Andy does
an excellent job weaving the what, how, and why into a step-by-step
guide that is sure to deepen your understanding and practical ability to
successfully apply the AI 5D methodology for teams and organizations.”
Cheri Torres, co-author of Conversations Worth Having

You can also download a free sample of the first few pages from the
Kindle version to get an idea of what the book is like from the Amazon

Appreciating Health and Social Care: A Practical Appreciative Inquiry Resource for the Health and Social Care Sector 

This book, a collaboration between the three organisations with a rich response from health and social care practitioners across the UK, is in seven parts: 

  • An introduction to Appreciative Inquiry its philosophy, principles and tools 
  • Information on the emerging AI movement in health and care 
  • AI in action, including case studies and examples of practice 
  • Extra resources 
  • A useful glossary 

It’s production has taken five years and the support of many people and organisations, testament to the power and influence of Appreciative Inquiry. 

To be launched 30 April 2024. Published in hard copy and e-book formats. Price £17.99 

A second e-book on Appreciative Inquiry in practice is in development. 

For further information, contact or 

Book Release (Appreciative Inquiry: A strength-based coaching approach
to enhance the lives of Women Veterans)

Author, Aronda Smith-Benson, MSOD
Click the Link Below To Purchase:
With the new age of cancel culture, let’s cancel the antiquated and
deficit-based approach to healing our veterans. Let’s not ask, “What’s
wrong with you?” Instead ask, “What’s strong in you?” “What are your
innate strengths?” “What is working well?” “What inspires you?
This book is intended to reinvigorate the warrior ethos and soar to new
heights, by heightening awareness around the strengths you possess. The
author, a United States Army Veteran, serving during Operation Desert
Shield and Storm, applied the Appreciative Inquiry approach to change
her trajectory from Hopeless to Hopeful.
While in her masters program at the prestigious Ivy League, University
of Pennsylvania, the author decided to take an evidence-based approach
to identify the impact of utilizing a strength-based coaching approach
for serving women veterans.

Leela by Sankarasubramanyan Ramamoorthy

The only thing that I’m certain about is my presence. I exist. But how do you see me? Do you see me as I am, or do I appear to you as you want me to? What about the World? Is that real or an appearance? And, what about God? Are God, the World and I, real? Or is it all just appearance and a play (Leela) in the field of the One presence? In this book I explore these questions based on my experiences, as I drive between Goa and Mumbai.

Link to buy the book:

Supervision model C.C.A.I.I.
By Fabio Olivieri

Article on the CCAII model of supervision for social workers.

Download here


Book ‘If you feel good, you work good: Relationships lead to Results’


“If you feel good, you work good – Relationship lead to Results”
Leadership lessons for an uncertain world

Sankarasubramanyan Ramamoorthy

This book can be ordered here.


Book ‘Appreciative Inquiry as a Daily Leadership Practice’

Organization and team development have increasingly become everyday components of a leader’s role. This book is written for informal and formal leaders who aspire to realize meaningful changes in their own context. Changes that will lead to a better performance and at the same time contribute to a vitalizing and energizing work environment.
Appreciative Inquiry enables you to work with committed employees and other stakeholders on larger and smaller issues in your organization and bring them forward. Every day, one conversation at a time.
This book specifically brings the theory of Appreciative Inquiry to the daily practice of leaders and managers. It contains many practical examples and suggestions that provide inspiration for your own leadership practice. You can read the book as an invitation to start using Appreciative Inquiry right away. You don’t have to read front-to-back. The structure in short chapters, dedicated to specific topics or tools, ensures that you can read criss-cross and find a new and relevant angle each time.

The authors Luc Verheijen, Saskia Tjepkema and Joeri Kabalt, are part of Kessels & Smit, The Learning Company, an international network of consultants, researchers and entrepreneurs in the domain of organizational development and change. The foreword is written by prof. Ronald Fry.
This book can be ordered on the website of Taos Institute.

Varona Madrid, Federico (2020). La Intervención Apreciativa: Un nuevo
paradigma para el cambio positivo en las organizaciones para profesores,
estudiantes universitarios, consultores y gerentes. Barranquilla,
Colombia: Ediciones Uninorte, 2020.

Second Edition with new chapters and updated content.
ISBN: 978-958-789-216-1 (PDF) 258 págínas.
ISBN 978-958-789-215-4 (Print) 258 páginas
To Buy (Para Pedidos) via Internet:

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