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Supervision model C.C.A.I.I.
By Fabio Olivieri

Article on the CCAII model of supervision for social workers.

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Book ‘If you feel good, you work good: Relationships lead to Results’


“If you feel good, you work good – Relationship lead to Results”
Leadership lessons for an uncertain world

Sankarasubramanyan Ramamoorthy

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Book ‘Appreciative Inquiry as a Daily Leadership Practice’

Organization and team development have increasingly become everyday components of a leader’s role. This book is written for informal and formal leaders who aspire to realize meaningful changes in their own context. Changes that will lead to a better performance and at the same time contribute to a vitalizing and energizing work environment.
Appreciative Inquiry enables you to work with committed employees and other stakeholders on larger and smaller issues in your organization and bring them forward. Every day, one conversation at a time.
This book specifically brings the theory of Appreciative Inquiry to the daily practice of leaders and managers. It contains many practical examples and suggestions that provide inspiration for your own leadership practice. You can read the book as an invitation to start using Appreciative Inquiry right away. You don’t have to read front-to-back. The structure in short chapters, dedicated to specific topics or tools, ensures that you can read criss-cross and find a new and relevant angle each time.

The authors Luc Verheijen, Saskia Tjepkema and Joeri Kabalt, are part of Kessels & Smit, The Learning Company, an international network of consultants, researchers and entrepreneurs in the domain of organizational development and change. The foreword is written by prof. Ronald Fry.
This book can be ordered on the website of Taos Institute.

Varona Madrid, Federico (2020). La Intervención Apreciativa: Un nuevo
paradigma para el cambio positivo en las organizaciones para profesores,
estudiantes universitarios, consultores y gerentes. Barranquilla,
Colombia: Ediciones Uninorte, 2020.

Second Edition with new chapters and updated content.
ISBN: 978-958-789-216-1 (PDF) 258 págínas.
ISBN 978-958-789-215-4 (Print) 258 páginas
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