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Readers’ Survey

AI Practitioner has not had a readers’ survey in over ten years, so we decided to create one in September/October last year. We had, for the size of readership, a good response and what is even more important, thoughtful replies about what is going well, what readers want more of, and suggestions for future possibilities. All of this is useful data for the upcoming year, and we hope to discuss it at a future board meeting.

The summary of the report can be found here.

The Only Violin Maker in Palestine

Shehada Shalalda became passionate about making violins after overhearing someone practising at Ramallah’s only music school when he was 15. He learned the trade of luthier first in Palestine, then in Florence, Italy and the UK. Now back in Ramallah, he says is building bridges between cultures, one violin at a time.

Read more or watch the video.

Peace by Chocolate

A newsletter subscriber sent information about a positive innovation taking place in Canada. It’s worth hearing about. The Peace by Chocolate factory has been built into a worldwide social enterprise in Antigonish, Nova Scotia by Syrian refugees, the Hadhad family, after their Syrian chocolate factory was demolished. Their chocolate bars are inscribed with Peace in several languages, including Arabic and Mi’kmaq, a local indigenous language, and have the tag line One Peace Won’t Hurt.  Find out about the initiative at

If there are great stories from your region that you feel need to be shared, send details to

Update from Peace by Chocolate. The company was a finalist in the Atlantic Region EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 Awards and named Google Canada National Hero Case for 2018. Clearly they are doing something right, with passion.


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