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Young Practitioners co-creating AI of the Future: Call for Submissions

Barbara van Kesteren
Ingeborg Koster-Kooger
Lysanne Beekhof


Practice or preach?! Young practitioners co-creating AI of the future.
In our experience,  there are a variety of emphases across the AI spectrum, from using AI as a tool, a method to considering it a fundamental philosophy. We are curious about new thoughts and perspectives and would especially like to give voice to other young practitioners to co-construct AI of the future!

Focus of the issue:

Our peers. The new generation (30 or younger): young practitioners (students, recently graduated), renegades, children (<30) of experienced practitioners from the community with new or interesting projects, fresh perspectives (from exotic countries to modern organizational forms where an AI experiment project had been introduced: think of start-ups, network-organizations).

Questions for inspiration:

How do you use AI?

  • Do you consider some practices as part of an orthodox or unorthodox AI approach?
  • What is your latest AI discovery?
  • What new ideas or tools do you recommend/want to share to other AI practitioners (e.g. using social media, creative forms such as graphic facilitation or new questions)?
  • What is the most creative way in which you have practiced AI/seen AI being practiced or preached?

How can AI be made sustainable in the near and far future?

  • Are there aspects of our modern world that call for adaptation within the AI community?
  • How far can you go/do you want to go as a practitioner to keep it alive after you leave your client(s setting)?
  • What would you focus on as new future paths for AI’s development (mixing methods, new definitions of appreciation, cross-cultural experiments with AI such as rebirthing in the west).
  • What is your dream for AI for the future?

Starting a dialogue:

With which question do you want to close your contribution and start a new conversation?

Ways and forms to contribute:
All creative forms are more than welcome. Feel free to use emoji’s, pictures, graphic facilitation and notes etc.

Final written submissions will range from 500 to 2000 words. Art and diagrams should be high resolution and ready for publication. Poetry should be formatted for publication.

Making A Proposal / Draft:

Do you feel enthusiastic by the idea to contribute to this issue? Please contact us asap, and send a proposal of max. 300 words. By October 3 we would like to receive your first draft. If your draft is accepted, you should send your final work latest by November 7.

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