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“a mother’s cry … a mother’s celebration” – Neena Verma

Dear Friends

I invoke you to “a mother’s cry … a mother’s celebration” … the memoir-book of my “transcendental pilgrimage from grief to grace”, being offered to the Human Universe on 24th September 2016 (my son Utkarsh’s Transcendence Day). The eBook will follow shortly. For print copy, please use the ISBN – 9781945926983 to find it at online marketplaces:

Each of us has a Hero’s Journey to make. We heed calls once in a while that take us far beyond what we know of ourselves. There are trials, tribulations, death, grief and a maze of emotions. The crippling is particularly severe when one loses a child … Yet, there is a transcendent light beyond grief, one that glows on our path and rekindles our faith. We are blessed with grace, before and after grief. We receive a way to let our “cry” invoke “celebration” of the life before death comes calling. We come to kindle Presence in the void of absence … Have you ever wondered what your way is of avowing the confluence of life and death! I invoke you to join my quest and discover your own truth. I invoke you to the story of my transcendental pilgrimage from annihilation to awakening. Come, sing with me my poem and prayer.

My family joins me in thanking AI Universe for sending us strength from around the world.

With love & light

Neena Verma

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