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Invitation to Voices from the Field

Voices from the Field in 2017

Keeping a clear focus on what is right in an organisation by tapping into its positive core, Appreciative Inquiry (AI) encourages individuals and teams to move beyond being on the cusp of something great to experiencing the transformational power of positive discourse. Through the wisdom with which it “sees” how ecology and economy can work in unison to benefit the global community, AI continues to be the much-needed revolution that encourages organisations and institutions toward a deep humanity while “getting the job done”. In this issue of AI Practitioner, Mille Themsen Duvander and Marcel van Marrewijk share their experience of such a revolution within their particular fields.

Voices from the Field are brought together by Keith Storace. You have a story to share? Mail to

Keith Storace is a psychologist/manager at La Trobe University Melbourne Australia driven by a deep interest in social inclusion. As a result of his Appreciative Inquiry experience across the Health and Education sectors, Keith uses appreciative dialogue to assist higher education students in moving from self-doubt to inspired positive action.


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