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In the Galaxy of Love

In the Galaxy of Love

by Neena Verma


We came cloaked

in the ache of our wounds.

On a numbing rollercoaster of longing,

through dark underground tunnel of trauma,

from the home that had come apart

by the shattering earthquake of loss.

Chained in pain, we sat with our grief

And allowed our tears to cleanse our pain.

We walked into the dark night of soul.

We implored the grey of evening twilight,

And gifted it our innermost light.

We sowed strength

in the garden of our sorrow.

And held in reverence

the Sun that rose in our courtyard,

the flower of grace that bloomed

and filled the underground tunnel

with its fragrance of faith.

Thus began our growth pilgrimage,

ensuing from the rollercoaster of grief.

The chinks of resilience showed up

and undid the chains of pain.

We walked into the

blackhole of our lament.

And woke up

in the galaxy of love.


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