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Join the Appreciative (R)evolution

Appreciative Inquiry is being used in more places, in more situations than ever. A new generation of practitioners is coming of age.

AI Practitioner is developing into the platform where both theoretical activists and practical ambassadors can meet to create the Appreciative (R)evolution.

Ambassadors who look for and invite people to share their practices – to become members of the AI community.

Activists who share robust and relevant work to strengthen the articles in AI Practitioner so it grows in rigor, in relevance and in generativity. We need stories about the practical applications of Appreciative Inquiry in all kinds of settings. We need theoretical research to help create the Appreciative (R)evolution.

We at AI Practitioner aim to build a community of individuals and organisations. Our goal is to support a flourishing community of AI practitioners who in turn support each other in their workpractices.

We are especially interested in collaborating with universities, where both rigorous research and future generations of activists and ambassadors are created.

Together we can create a (R)evolution that builds an appreciative society where every voice matters. A (R)evolution that encourages organisations and communities towards a deep humanity. A (R)evolution that has a positive impact on the world.

Together we can create a movement that helps build an appreciative, curious, democratic society. We can make AI Practitioner the platform for an Appreciative (R)evolution.


Become an ambassador:

Become an activist:

  • Keep us posted on your latest books or write a book review  on an AI-related book, article or blog that has grabbed your attention.
  • Share your research by writing a Research Review & Notes column for AI Practitioner.
  • Submit articles on projects in organisations and in society that benefit the world. All the articles we publish are peer-reviewed, professionally edited and registered with DOI. After publication you can use your article to promote your work within your network.
  • Be a guest-editor for an issue in 2018.





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