A Possible Pathway to the C-Suite for Every Woman

November 2022
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This case study describes how appreciative questions were used to address a need for the topic of gender diversity in the banking industry, in particular at the C-suite level. From September to December 2021, Appreciative Inquiry principles were used in the development of a transformational change process within a managers’ group, comprised of women and men, as well as with individuals. With this in mind, a new program in favour of sustainable gender diversity emerged: C-level, a potential pathway for every woman.


Author: Florence Delacour Le Petit

Florence Delacour is strategy and change director and positive change executive coach in Initio Luxembourg in Groupe Square. She is an AI certified practitioner (IFAI) and certified professional coach practitioner, with extensive experience in corporate, entrepreneurial and non-profit settings.

Contact: florence.delacour@initio.eu

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