Nature Walks

A Sustainably Appreciative and Harmonious Connection with Nature


A vibrant, bountiful planet where all species live in harmony is increasingly being recognised as a key area of focus by world leaders, corporates and communities across the globe. Along with biodiversity conservation, a green planet also addresses the twin challenges of climate change and pollution. Implementation of frameworks and guidelines to arrest biodiversity loss depends on individual commitment to change. This paper explores the impact of a nature walk in connecting people to the wonders of the planet, thereby causing more responsible behaviour towards it.


Author: Jayati Talapatra

Jayati Talapatra teaches and consults on climate action and biodiversity conservation and is the founder of ‘Dilli Meri Jaan’ Walks. Her papers on sustainable consumption and environmental leadership have been published by Springer International. 


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Author: Neena Verma

Neena Verma, PhD, is an Appreciative Inquiry expert and a grief, resilience and purpose coach. She is an AIP editorial board member, ICF-PCC Coach, NTL professional member and TAOS associate. Neena has edited three issues of AIP and authored two books and several articles.


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