Admirable Aspirations and Unsupportive Stakeholders

Why Do Great Initiatives Fail to Move Some?


Why are some great ideas and admirable initiatives unsupported, sometimes opposed and left on the dustbin of history? The article argues that bias is at the core. The motivational sources of the bias are found in fear, personal ideology and malevolence. Recognizing the realities of bias and addressing them may be the only way we can make the changes needed in the world.


Author: Robert A. Giacalone

Dr. Giacalone is The Raymond and Eleanor Smiley Chair in Business Ethics at the Boler School of Business, John Carroll University and Director of The Ginn Institute for Corporate Social Responsibility. He has been editor of special journal issues, series editor of the Sage Series in Business Ethics, and editor-in-chief of the Journal of Management, Spirituality, and Religion.


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