On the Appreciative Inquiry Summit



1 Foreword to this Special Issue, by David L. Cooperrider

3 About this issue

4 About the contributors

6 Understanding the ROI of the AI Summit: A Definition, Short Historyand Conditions for Success

11 The Relationship of the AI Summit to Other Large-Group Processes

15 From Cutbacks and Low Morale to Long Term Cultural Change

17 Uplifting and Balancing Excellence in Patient Care,Education, and Research at MetroHealth

21 Strategic Planning in the West Springfield School system

26 Opportunity mapping: A key to obtaining business results at JohnDeere Harvester Works

32 Using the AI Summit for Post Merger Work in a German Bank

35 Integrating Multiple Initiatives at Bob’s Clam Hut: A Mini Summitwith Follow-up

38 An invitation to strengthen AiC in Europe

39 Book review: The Appreciative Inquiry Summit: APractitioner’s Guide for LeadingLarge Group Change

40 Book review: Appreciative Inquiry Handbook



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