SOARing to High and Engaging Performance: An Appreciative Approach to Strategy



1 Introduction

4 SOARing to New Heights of Strategic Planning to Execution

10 About our Contributors

13 BAE Systems – Armament Systems Division Soars with a Strategic Growth Process

17 SOARing At All Levels: Aligned Strategic Planning at John Deere

21 Cooperation and SOARing to Successful Growth

25 Seeking Solutions, Discourse and Progress Towards the Future

29 Nonprofit Boards and Appreciative Strategic Planning

33 Soar in Mid Flight

37 SOARing Toward Excellence in an Age of Accountability: The Case of Esperanza School District

43 Building Strategic Capacity for Better Work and Care

45 SOARing from SWOT: Four Lessons Every Strategic Planner Must Know

48 Grounding the Strengths-based Applications of SOAR in Theory

53 An Invitation to Participate in an Appreciative Study of Strategic Capacity


Author: Jackie Stavros

Jackie Stavros is a professor at Lawrence Technological University’s College of Business and IT. Her passion is working with others to discover their strengths, opportunities, aspirations and results for positive change and applying AI in everyday conversations to fuel productive and meaningful engagement ( 


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Author: Gina Hinrichs

Gina Hinrichs works with a global manufacturer of agricultural and construction equipment and services. She has utilized the SOAR framework at all levels of the company and many other profit and social profit organizations. Gina continues to work with the organizations to translate strategic vision into operational realities.

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