The Impact of Appreciative Inquiry on International Development


The expert role of the Western donors clashes with the belief that the peoples of the developing world should have a say in how they move forward Appreciative Inquiry can bridge some of those conflicts, especially when the experts change their role to become facilitators.


Author: Mette Jacobsgaard

Mette Jacobsgaard is a Danish lawyer with a Ph.D. in development studies from Cambridge University. She has worked with development aid from grassroots to high government levels for 35 years especially in Africa and Asia. She has used AI in her practice as a consultant, aid administrator and trainer since 1994.


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Author: Irene Nørlund

Irene Nørlund has worked in social change in developing countries for three decades, specializing in NGOs and community development; livelihoods, nutrition and health and organizations and participatory methods. She has trained NGOs in Mongolia in AI analysis. She is presently working in Research & Development at Metropolitan University College, Copenhagen. E:

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