Lessons Learned from Living from the Heart of Appreciative Inquiry



1 Introduction

4 About our Contributors

6 Secrets to initiating and con- tracting for Successful Large Inquiries (1)

9 Secrets to initiating and contracting… (2)

13 Demystifying the AI Planning Process: Letting the Client Lead

17 Coming Alongside: Learning from Ambiguity and Creative Tension in the Early Phases of Consultancy-Client Engagement

22 Secrets To Initiating And Contracting… (3)

27 Emergent Change Strategy at the BBC: Living AI During Client Contracting

34 Using Whatever Emerged: Infusing AI through the Contracting Process

38 Progressive Definition within Complex Systems: Lessons from the YWCA

43 Creative Definition as an Antidote for Skepticism: Building up Guyana’s Positive Change


Author: Ilene Wasserman

Ilene C. Wasserman, Ph.D. and president of ICW Consulting Group, has been on the cutting edge of research and practice in strength-based methodologies, capacity building, and relational leadership, particularly in equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging. Ilene has been a frequent contributor and guest editor of the AI Practitioner and is the co-author of Peer Coaching at Work: Principles and Practices.

Contact: iwasserman@icwconsulting.com

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