Beyond Discovery and Dream: Unleashing Change through the Design Phase of an AI Intervention



1 Guest Editorial: Beyond Discovery and Dream:Unleashing Change throughthe Design Phase of an AI Intervention

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6 Evolving Approaches to Design at Hunter DouglasWindow Fashions Division

11 Values-Based Organization Design: The Case of John Deere Harvester Works

16 Hope and Confidence By Design: How Systems Thinking Enhances Success of the Design Phase of an AIInitiative

22 Using an “Appreciative Design Compass” to up lift collaborative Capacity

27 Culture Design Through Appreciative Inquiry

34 Enhancing Profitability through business process excellence: the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters’story

38 The Experience of Participative Design at Nutrimental

43 The Promise of The Appreciative Organization


Author: Bernard J. Mohr

Bernard is a co-founder and president of the Co-Creating Mutual Value Collaborative. His current research and consulting interests focus on ‘what might we do as managers and/or as practitioners to shift our focus from “winning in the world we have” to one of “winning by creating a better world’? Contact:

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Author: Adrian McLean

spends his time travelling between his home in Vermont and his consulting practice which is still substantially based in Europe. He is a director of McLean and George Limited and has been working with Appreciative Inquiry for more than seven years. Adrian and his wife Marsha are founding members of Appreciative Inquiry Consulting.

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Author: Tony Silbert 

Tony Silbert, MSOD, is innately curious, charismatic, and approachable – he knows how to engage and light up a room. Tony has over 25 years of experience in business consulting, organizational development, training design and delivery, positive change leadership development, and coaching.


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