Postive Change in Health Care



1 Foreword to this Issue, by Guest Editors Ed Groody andSusan Wood

3 About our contributors

5 The Customer Factor: Using AI to improve Customer Service in a Hospital-Wide CustomerService Initiative

11 Community Development: Creating a CollaborativeCommunity Solution for Mental Health

15 Improving Nurse-Physician Communication

18 Using AI in a Technology Group “AI Roundup: No Bull!”

22 Changing the Culture of a Medical School Using AI and an Emergent Process

26 Qualitative Market Research in Healthcare

30 Using AI to initiate Stakeholder Interactions in Healthcare

Guest Editors: Ed Goody and Susan Wood


Author: Susan O. Wood

Susan O. Wood, MS is a consultant with Corporation for Positive Change. She partners with health care organizations to find their ‘positive core’ and create work environments that provide quality care for patients, and meets the needs of staff. E:

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