Getting Started: Secrets to Initiating and Contracting for Successful Large Inquiries



1 Introduction

4 About our Contributors

6 Secrets to initiating and con- tracting for Successful Large Inquiries (1)

9 Secrets to initiating and contracting… (2)

13 Demystifying the AI Planning Process: Letting the Client Lead

17 Coming Alongside: Learning from Ambiguity and Creative Tension in the Early Phases of Consultancy-Client Engagement

22 Secrets To Initiating And Contracting… (3)

27 Emergent Change Strategy at the BBC: Living AI During Client Contracting

34 Using Whatever Emerged: Infusing AI through the Contracting Process

38 Progressive Definition within Complex Systems: Lessons from the YWCA

43 Creative Definition as an Antidote for Skepticism: Building up Guyana’s Positive Change


Author: Bernard J. Mohr

Bernard is a founding partner of Innovation Partners International. He specializes in strength-based, whole system transformation through collaborative design processes and accelerated cultural change. Recent books include Appreciative Inquiry: Change At the Speed of Imagination, Essentials of Appreciative Inquiry: A Roadmap For Creating Positive Futures and The Appreciative Inquiry Summit: A Practitioner's Guide for Leading Large-Group Change.


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Author: Stephen P. Fitzgerald

PhD, an organizational psychologist, serves as Faculty Development Director and Associate Professor of Business Administration at Trident University International in Cypress, California. He has published on AI, the Shadow and organisational behaviour, and works with clients to inquire appreciatively into the full spectrum of human experience. E:

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