Appreciative Inquiry in Coaching: Exploration and Learnings



1 Introduction

6 About the Contributors

8 Social Construction in Appreciative Inquiry Coaching

14 An Inquiry into AI in Coaching

19 Five-Principle Coaching

24 Personalising the Power of the Positive: AI and Ontological Coaching

27 Coaching for Renewal

33 Building Capacity for Change: The Power of The Body

37 Appreciative Inquiry and Co- Active Coaching

40 Coaching for Effective Working Relationships

46 The Crucial Success Element of a Large Systems Change Initiative


Author: Barbara Sloan

Barbara Sloan is a leader in the field of Appreciative Inquiry, both in Strategic Planning and Coaching. She designed and facilitated AI in Coaching sessions at both AI International Conferences and the first course through NTL Institute in 2006. She is a Founding Member of Appreciative Inquiry Consulting, Inc.


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Author: Trudy Canine

Trudy Canine is a certified career management practitioner and executive coach. Recipient of multiple awards for her contributions to the field of career development, she is well known for her use of appreciative inquiry in coaching, strategic planning, and teambuilding. She co-led the 2nd International AI pre-conference workshop on AI in Coaching. E:

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