Wired Discovery: New Conversations and Deeper Connections



1 Introduction

5 About our Contributors

8 AI Version 2.0: New Models of Appreciative Inquiry in the Digital

13 Digital Dialogues: Enriched Discovery for a Leadership Development Cohort

17 http://www.aipractitioner.com/using-technology-an-appreciative-paradigm-of-learning-in-online-courses

21 Meaning Making in Real Time: Igniting the Fire Over the Wire

25 Healthcare Seeks to Enhance the Power of Story through On- line Appreciative Inquiry Interviews

31 Using the Web to Support Organic Development of the European AI Network

37 Expanding the Reach of the Appreciative Inquiry Summit with Collaborative Technology

43 CrowdSourcing: Self-organized Discovery through Chaordic Organization


Author: Loretta Donovan

Loretta L. Donovan has been an Appreciative Inquiry scholar/practitioner for two decades. She has written about the relevance of Transformative Learning to AI. Among her numerous areas of study and attention are women’s studies, narrative medicine, and the positive engagement of patients, clinicians and leaders in healthcare. Contact: loretta.donovan@gmail.com

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Author: Gabriel Shirley

Gabriel Shirley is an organisation designer and technologist interested in the convergence of people, technology and nature. He seeks solutions to complex issues through local action and collective learning. Currently, he is asking the question, 'What do organisations and employees need to be and do in order to be relevant to the world in the next 20 years?'

E: gabriel@bigmindconsulting.com

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Author: Sue Derby 

Sue Anderson operates her own consulting practice, Clockwork Communications in Toronto specialising in organisational communications. Also a partner in The SuMo Experience, Sue helps organisations engage stakeholders in possibility focused dialogue to create and sustain momentum. Sue is an associate faculty member at the Schulich Executive Education Centre, York University.  

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