Age and Stage: Individuals and Organizations Flourishing Through Time


This issue is about us as Appreciative Inquiry practitioners. Reflecting on our practices, the organizations we serve, and who we are as practitioners, we will explore the changes we consultants have gone through as we and our practices have grown and matured.


Author: Loretta Randolph

Loretta Randolph is a Principal Organizational Effectiveness Consultant, MITRE Corporation. She has worked internally and externally as an AI practitioner for more than 20 years at all levels of public and private sector organizations in the U.S. and 10 countries abroad. E:

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Author: Neil Samuels

Neil’s mission is enabling organizations to flourish by helping leaders re-discover their strengths, clarify their commitments and fundamentally change the conversations with themselves, their teams and their organizations. He believes that conversations characterized by depth and intensity lead to successful, lasting change. E:

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