AI Practitioner November 2003

On Appreciative Strategy



1 Foreword to this Issue, by Jackie Stavros, John Sutherlandand Marge Schiller

3 – 4 About our contributors

5 The Heart of Appreciative Strategy

10 Strategic Inquiry > Appreciative Intent: Inspirationto SOAR: A New Frameworkfor Strategic Planning

18 Strategic Planning when you Can’t Plan

21 Daring not to Know22 Crafting An Appreciative Environment

25 Mapping Strategic Pathways to Transformation

29 Horses Help Create Strategic Direction for ConsumerResearch Firm

31 A Strategic Planning Tapestry: Planning Strategy /Building Brand in a local TVStation

34 The Strategic Impact of Multiple AI Summits:Developing the U.S. Navy’sInformation ProfessionalCommunity

40 Creating the “Partnership for Positive Change” HIV/AIDSStrategy Development inEthiopia

43 Working Together / Epilogue


Author: Jackie Stavros

Jacqueline Stavros is a professor in the College of Business and IT at Lawrence Technological University. Jackie’s passion is working with others to create meaningful results for positive change. She has co-authored many books and articles plus worked around the globe using Appreciative Inquiry, Conversations Worth Having and SOAR to help people thrive and organizations increase performance.


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Author: John Sutherland

John Sutherland is the Director of Strategic Resource Ltd, a UK based consultancy specializing in assessing, developing, and supporting management teams in achieving or exceeding their strategic business plans. He wrote an earlier version of the "The Heart of Appreciative Strategy" for the World Business Academy in 2002. E:

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