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1 Applying Appreciative Inquiry to Evaluation Practice

5 About our Contributors

7 Using Appreciative Inquiry in Evaluation of Training Programs: World Bank Institute

12 Discovering Student Learning Outcomes and Program Strategies: An Application of Appreciative Inquiry to Evaluation

16 Using Appreciative Methods to Evaluate an Appreciative Inquiry Process: Evergreen Cove Holistic Learning Center

20 Using Appreciative Inquiry to Modify an Evaluation Plan with a Rural HIV Care Clinic

24 Using Appreciative Inquiry to Develop a Training Evaluation System: Sandia National Labs

30 Viewpoint


Author: Peggy Holman 

Peggy Holman hosts conversations that infuse organisations and communities with the ability to achieve what is important to them by increasing their capacity for inviting new ideas and relationships. The second edition of The Change Handbook has been warmly received as an aid to increase the effectiveness of organisations and communities. E: peggy@opencirclecompany.com

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