Strength-Based Organizations: The Challenge for Appreciative Inquiry 2.0?



1 Introduction

5 About our Contributors

8 The 3-Circles of the Strengths Revolution

12 Appreciative Inquiry: A Process for Designing Life-Affirming Organizations

17 Theoretical Characteristics and Behaviors of SBOs: Organizations as organic, integral, emergent entities that continually evolve from the inside

23 Performance Amplification: Building a Strength-Based Organization

27 CertainTeed’s Moundsville Plant Start-up… a Strength-Based Journey to Becoming a High-Commitment/High- Engagement Manufacturing Organization

33 Organic Evolution: Becoming a Strength-Based Organization

37 Peering Through the Kaleidoscope: Emergent Design, Emerging Strengths at the Nova Scotia Community College

41 In Conversation with Jenifer Fox and Ada Jo Mann

43 From ‘Child Abuse Prevention’ to ‘Helping Families Put Together What’s Best for their Children’

48 Tracing the Journey of an Extraordinary Strength-Based Organization: Neighborhood Centers, Inc.

52 How Do You Become a Strength- Based Organization?

55 News Agency Muddles its Way to Strength-Based Journalism: Appreciative Approach Vital to Organization’s Survival


Author: Bernard J. Mohr

Bernard is a founding partner of Innovation Partners International. He specializes in strength-based, whole system transformation through collaborative design processes and accelerated cultural change. Recent books include Appreciative Inquiry: Change At the Speed of Imagination, Essentials of Appreciative Inquiry: A Roadmap For Creating Positive Futures and The Appreciative Inquiry Summit: A Practitioner's Guide for Leading Large-Group Change.


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Author: Catherine McKenna

Catherine is a founding partner of Innovation Partners International, is located in Ottawa, Canada. She works with organization leaders to facilitate positive change by discovering and building on strengths, and by inviting and supporting broad participation in innovation. In addition to her consulting practice, Catherine delivers foundations and advanced training in Appreciative Inquiry. E:

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Author: Sallie Lee 

For fifteen years, Sallie Lee has worked through her own consulting practice, Shared Sun Studio, and now Innovation Partners International [IPI]. She offers creative, practical processes for whole systems, serving as a thinking partner, facilitator, and strategist for client groups. She has trained more than 1000 people in the foundations of Appreciative Inquiry around the world. Sallie lives in Asheville, NC E:

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Author: Joanne Daykin

Joanne Daykin founding partner of Innovation Partners International, uses an Appreciative Inquiry approach to her work. She assists organizations in making better decisions, creating greater buy-in and sparking innovation. Her participative, whole systems approach is designed to enhance collaboration and make lasting positive change. She enjoys consulting on projects around strategic planning, leadership development, team and individual coaching, and organization transformation and renewal. She is based in Ottawa, Canada. E:

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