Team and Group Development the AI Way


This introduction to the Team and Groups Development issue of AI Practitioner focuses on two topics: 1. The position of Appreciative Teambuilding (ATB) including other theories and models; and 2. What do we learn from the stories from practitioners who work with teams and groups in an Appreciative Inquiry way? How do they work with Appreciative Inquiry and what are their results?


Author: Lena Holmberg 

Lena Holmberg has a PhD in Educational Research, worked as a consultant and manager in an IT company and started the AI consulting company Apprino. With Jan Reed, she was guest editor of the November issue of the AI Practitioner in 2007 that focused on AI and research. E:

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Author: Jan Reed 

Jan trained as a nurse and worked with older people while completing a Ph.D. As a university professor and researcher, she continued to work with older people and went to AI workshops with them. Upon retirement she has been able to dedicate more time to her practice as a Zen Buddhist. E:

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Author: Jackie Stavros

Jacqueline Stavros is a professor in the College of Business and IT at Lawrence Technological University. Jackie’s passion is working with others to create meaningful results for positive change. She has co-authored many books and articles plus worked around the globe using Appreciative Inquiry, Conversations Worth Having and SOAR to help people thrive and organizations increase performance.


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Author: Dawn Cooperrider Dole

MSOD, M.Ed., Executive Director of the Taos Institute and Knowledge Manager of the Appreciative Inquiry Commons, has worked 28 years with youth, youth-serving organizations, not-for-profits, healthcare and schools. She leads experiential teambuilding and leadership programs, cooperative games/peaceful playground programs and appreciative parenting workshops.


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