Introducing Appreciative Governance


Everywhere we turn we see evidence of a need for new governance structures. This issue of the AIP shares the results to date of an on-going inquiry into the principles and practices of Appreciative Governance.


Author: Sallie Lee 

For fifteen years, Sallie Lee has worked through her own consulting practice, Shared Sun Studio, and now Innovation Partners International [IPI]. She offers creative, practical processes for whole systems, serving as a thinking partner, facilitator, and strategist for client groups. She has trained more than 1000 people in the foundations of Appreciative Inquiry around the world. Sallie lives in Asheville, NC E:

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Author: Cheri Torres

A partner with Innovation Partners International, Cheri works with communities, organizations and schools to intentionally create a culture of engagement, learning and innovation to generate sustainable value for all stakeholders. With PhD in Educational Psychology, specializing in Collaborative Learning, she has authored or co-authored numerous books and articles.


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Author: Bernard J. Mohr

Bernard is a co-founder and president of the Co-Creating Mutual Value Collaborative. His current research and consulting interests focus on ‘what might we do as managers and/or as practitioners to shift our focus from “winning in the world we have” to one of “winning by creating a better world’? Contact:

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