Antidote for Checkbox Medicine? An Appreciative Voice

August 2018
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This article introduces the idea of ‘cognitive transfer experience’ as what can happen between medical personnel and patients when cognitive biases imbedded in medical record technology interfere with deeply listening to the patient. These life and death issues impact healthcare professionals and patients alike. It is suggested that the antidote for potentially disruptive cognitive biases, with or without technology involved, is the use of an Appreciative Voice, as a significant dimension of Appreciative Inquiry.


Author: Suzanne Roff

Suzanne Roff, PhD is a consulting psychologist, adjunct assistant professor at New York University, and past president of the Manhattan Psychological Association. Over the past two decades, her career has transitioned from clinical work to executive coaching. She founded the non-profit Psychology21C, Inc. and recently launched Expressive Age which focuses on self-expression as we age. Contact:

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