Appreciating Politics

How Can We Appreciate Politics in Society? A Platform to Bring Together Differences


This issue of AI Practitioner includes examples of new perspectives on ways to (re-)appreciate the current state of politics. What does appreciating politics mean? What happens if we regard politics through an appreciative lens?


Author: Floor ten Holder

Floor ten Holder works as action-researcher for the Institute for Societal Resilience (VU University Amsterdam) on socio-economic integration of newcomers through entrepreneurship. She also facilitates AI processes within communities and organisations in her work as an independent consultant. Contact:

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Author: Suzanne Hoogland

Suzanne Hoogland is a social psychologist, interested in understanding why people behave the way they do. She works as an advisor and trainer, helping several organisations become more resilient. She also teaches psychology at the Erasmus University, Rotterdam. Along with Fleur and Floor, she is attending the two-year post-master program intervention studies at the Institute for Intervention Studies in Amsterdam. Contact:

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Author: Fleur Renirie

Fleur Renirie works as policy advisor for, leading an interactive process of revising curricula in primary and secondary education in the Netherlands. She is also engaged in founding projects for a local social enterprise Syr aiming to increase refugee participation in the Netherlands. Contact:

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