Appreciative-Generative Inquiry as a Tool for Learning


This article discusses ideas relevant to the combined use of both Appreciative Inquiry and generative dialogue in the learning community MADIBA. In this Cuban learning community, nineteen social leaders, social work specialists, academics and representatives of the Popular Power, learn to be better coordinators of participative communities’ processes.


Author: Mario Rodríguez-Mena García

Mario Rodríguez-Mena García is a senior researcher and coordinator for the group ‘Learning for Change’ of the Center for Psychological and Sociological Research (CIPS), senior professor and founder member of the Vigotsky Cathedra of the University of Havana, and president of the Cuban network for productive dialogues of the Cuban Society of Psychology, and coordinator of the net Culture of Peace for the Center Félix Varela. Contact:

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Author: Roberto Corral Ruso

Roberto Corral Ruso is a consultant professor of the Faculty of Psychology, University of Havana, president of the National Commission of careers in Psychology, vice-president of the Cuban Society of Psychology and of the Vigotsky Cathedra. He is also a member of the National Commission for Doctoral Degrees in Psychology and Social Communication and of the ‘Cuban network for productive dialogues’. Contact:

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