Appreciative Inquiry and Bio-Leadership Three Areas of Work to Support a Necessary, Regenerative Revolution


The challenges we see in the world today are bound to a dominant narrative of growth, extraction, consumption and disconnection. An alternative narrative of nature-led progress is emerging around the world, but the work to grow it can be difficult and exhausting. This piece describes three areas of work where Appreciative Inquiry can help us grow this necessary movement: 1) creating goals and frames that inspire us to work as whole systems; 2) facilitating processes that connect, support, and inspire new stories; and 3) crafting a culture of care in the work of transformation.


Author: Andres Roberts

Andres Roberts is the founding partner of the Bio-Leadership Project and programme director of the Bio-Leadership Fellowship, two initiatives supporting regenerative people and projects around the world. His deepest work is the practice of guiding nature quests – profound experiences in nature to support resilience, connection and creativity for navigating these urgent times. 


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