AI (Appreciative Inquiry) + AI (Artificial Intelligence) = SFL (Sustainable Future Leadership)


When asked to present at the 9th European Human Resources Management Circle in Lisbon on the topic of Leadership 2039, Joep. C. de Jong felt challenged on how to present a relevant and maybe also challenging look into the future. He ended up interviewing nine students in the bachelor’s program of Hotelschool The Hague (Netherlands). The students came from three regions (Asia, Europe and Latin America) and were aged between twenty-one and twenty-seven. As such, they represent a broad view of what they believe leadership is and what it might become. His talk became the basis of the article.


Author: Joep C. de Jong

Joep C. de Jong is the founder of Learn Holding, an associate of the TAOS Institute and member of the council of Instituto IDEIA. He developed his flim portraits as part of his Ph.D. thesis, and has continued to make them. 



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