Appreciative Inquiry and the Case for Civic Engagement

How One Professor is Leading the Charge for Mentoring Learning Leaders


This article examines transformative instructional practices at the confluence of the emerging fields of learning leaders and engaged civic learning. This unchartered space reveals participants demonstrating empathy, critical thinking and decision making. Best practices, lessons learned and benefits to all stakeholders are incubated in collaborative and active learning ecosystems. Preliminary data shows life-affirming outcomes and business competencies, with work readiness and individual definable value propositions for students to be recruited, retained and promoted in rewarding career paths.


Author: Steven Pyser

Steven N. Pyser, J.D., a faculty member at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey – Camden, is an international thought leader, speaker, researcher, author and advisor integrating “learning leader” principles with Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Value Creation to address complex challenges facing corporations, economies and civil society.

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Author: Erika R. Winters

Erika Winters graduated from Rutgers University School of Business Camden and Honors College in 2017 where she held leadership positions in the student government and Delta Phi Epsilon. As the Alumni Association Outstanding Senior Award Recipient, Erika is looking to make her mark on the world.


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