Foundations of Appreciative Inquiry: History, Criticism and Potential

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February 2012
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Gervase Bushe traces the development of AI from Cooperrider’s discovery of the excitement of focusing on what gives life to an organization through to the controversies and potential for AI now. Key moments include the transition of AI from a research approach to change process, development of the 4-D model and three waves of AI criticism. He concludes with Cooperrider’s thoughts on the next transformational moment in AI.


Author: Gervase Bushe

Gervase Bushe’s 1995 paper was selected one of the ten best OD Journal articles. His paper with Kassam was runner-up for best paper in 2005 in the Journal of Applied Behavioral Science. In 2002 he was designated one of the top ten AI consultants in the world by the AI Commons.


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