Appreciative Inquiry in Higher Education

A Strengths-Based Approach to Navigating College-Workforce Transitions

August 2018
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This article illuminates the important role that higher education can play in the design and support of students’ college-workforce transitions. By applying the 4-D cycle to a professional communication course, I provide a series of reflections and evidencebased practices that emerge from equipping students with concepts, tools, and applications about generative relationships and thriving workplaces. Qualitative data suggests that a strengths-based curriculum enhances students’ ability to navigate their vocational journeys.


Author: Jennifer Scott Mobley

Jennifer Scott Mobley is assistant dean of service learning and professor of communication studies at Grove City College in Pennsylvania. She is passionate about equipping students for successful college-workforce transitions and developing learning environments and cross-sector partnerships that provide students with 21st century skills. Contact:

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