Appreciative Inquiry Lean

A New Route to Success for Team Leaders

November 2015
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Appreciative Inquiry makes it easy to increase the quality of all conversations aimed at improving performance, competence development, team learning and innovative competences. This article shows how team leaders can apply AI in a Lean-based organisation, and how to think big and start small. AI works like a virus: it takes off when you infect as many conversations as possible.


Author: Jacqueline Bustos Coral

Jacqueline Bustos Coral works as a systemic consultant and university teacher. She teaches in the master’s program Intervención en Sistemas Humanos of the Central University in Bogota (Colombia). Jacqueline has accompanied appreciative communication processes in organizational, educational and therapeutic contexts. Contact:

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Author: Juan Pablo Ortiz Jiménez

Juan Pablo Oritiz is a senior performance consultant, keynote speaker and facilitator at YesP in Gothenburg, Sweden and a member of the International Society for Performance Improvement, which links organizational goals and strategies with the workforce responsible for them. He has worked at the UN and as vice president of an IT company. Contact:

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Author: Kaj Voetmann

works as a freelance speaker, teacher, external examiner and consultant. Kaj is chairman of the board of AI Community Denmark, and created AI Community International with Mille Duvander.  He has trained students and leaders in AI and Appreciative Leadership. He has published four books. E:

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