Generative Connection between Ancient Wisdom and Today’s Endeavours in the Field


This issue of AI Practitioner shares philosophies and paradigms that have echoed in Indian wisdom for thousands of years, and finds their generative association with the present day world’s impactful articulation of AI principles. Together, Appreciative Inquiry and traditional Indian philosophies can inspire innovations that will transform the way humanity evolves and humankind connects, transcending geo-political, national and cultural differences.


Author: Neena Verma

Neena Verma, PCC is a scholar-practitioner of AI-based OD. She is an ICF-PCC credentialed coach, specialising in leadership, systemic and transcendence coaching. An accredited sensitivity trainer and certified AI practitioner, she has developed a number of coaching and OD models. As well as extensive editing experience, including the February 2013 issue of AIP, Neena has authored two books and numerous articles. Contact:

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Author: Zeb O. Waturuocha

is the founder and principal consultant for aui Consultants (The Human Process People) and aui Learning Network. Zeb uses AI approaches and concepts to enable organisational change, enhance organisational leadership and team effectiveness. Zeb has authored a book and various articles on strengths-based positive change and development. E:

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Author: Ronald Fry

Ronald Fry is Professor of Organizational Behavior at Case Western Reserve University, where he helped pioneer Appreciative Inquiry and directed the first Masters Program in Positive Organization Development. He currently leads the World Inquiry Project using AI stories to surface Business Innovations for World Benefit. E:

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