How Has Appreciative Inquiry Lived Up To its Promises?


A year ago, Anne Radford asked me whether I would take over responsibility for AI Practitioner. I said “yes”. In November, 2015, a few young men killed over 130 people in Paris. Suddenly, ‘we are at war with IS’. What can AI practitioners do? What is Appreciative Inquiry really about? I haven’t come to a final answer to the second question yet, but AI might be able to help our politicians, our neighbours, our clients, our students to make sense of what is happening and move forward. It is my wish that AI Practitioner can play a small part in that endeavour.


Author: Wick van der Vaart

Wick van der Vaart has master degrees in Dutch literature and social psychology. In 2005, he founded the Instituut voor Interventiekunde (Institute for Interventionism) in Amsterdam. The core of this institute is a two-year program in appreciative interventionism. In 2016, he became Editor-in-Chief of AI Practitioner. Contact:

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Author: Robbert Masselink

Robbert is an organizational change and development consultant from the Netherlands. He was introduced to Appreciative Inquiry (AI) when participating in the Cigo-programme in 1994. He has (co-)authored several books and articles and provides training and education in AI, leadership and change. He established the Dutch AI Guild as a community of practice for AI practitioners.


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