Appreciative Inquiry and Communities of Practice


The inquiry we undertake in this issue is to look for the ‘common unities’ that bring us together and make it possible for us to build social worlds together. Social worlds also hold the shared resources and infrastructures that make it possible for us to do and build things that make our dreams come true. We asked for contributions that could help us illustrate how communities of practice around the world have worked to build common unities and the shared resources and infrastructures that promote their own practice.


Author: Mille Duvander

Mille Duvander has provided training and development consultancy though Intersmil, and helped establish the Danish AI community. She works with Appreciative Embodiment,  is a trained process coach and facilitator, certified in HR analysis tools to provide communications advice as well as consultancy in marketing via social media. E:

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Author: Sue James 

Sue James and her business partner Chris Bennett, BJ Seminars International, provide programs and services for community, nonprofit and business. They focus on transformational change using their AQ-KQ® framework (Appreciative Intelligence® and Kinaesthetic Intelligence) drawing on Appreciative Inquiry, Tai Chi and other strength-based approaches. E:

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Author: Kaj Voetmann

works as a freelance speaker, teacher, external examiner and consultant. Kaj is chairman of the board of AI Community Denmark, and created AI Community International with Mille Duvander.  He has trained students and leaders in AI and Appreciative Leadership. He has published four books. E:

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