The Long-Term Impact of Appreciative Inquiry at Colleges and Universities


Colleges and universities around the world have used Appreciative Inquiry for many projects and initiatives. Often there is a great burst of energy and excitement around this ‘unconditionally positive’ way of imagining bold, new futures, but then organizations turn their attention elsewhere. Others commit to AI as their primary approach over a period of months or years. What is the effect on educational institutions of the long-term use of AI?


Author: Lane A. Glenn

President of Northern Essex Community College in Haverhill and Lawrence, Massachusetts, Lane is also an expert-on-call with Company of Experts. As a con­sultant and leader in higher education he has used AI for at colleges and universities, and a wide variety of organizations. E:

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Author: Kelly Saretsky

Director of Institutional Research, Planning and Organizational Development at the College of the North Atlantic in Doha, Qatar, Kelly recently published her dissertation exploring the long-term use of AI, Appreciative Inquiry for Strategic Planning: An Evaluative and Exploratory Case Study of Two Colleges. E:

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Author: Nancy E. Stetson

Nancy was an early leader in bringing AI into higher education. She co-developed a four-day AI Facilitator Training (AIFT©) that is being offered internationally by Company of Experts. She is also an AI Facilitator, AIFT© trainer and author of several books on AI in higher education. E:

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