The Promise of Appreciative Cities Compelling the Whole to Act


What promise does an appreciative city hold? How is AI achieving change agendas in cities around the world? This edition of AI Practitioner looks at how cities, their governments and communities have been using AI over many years as well as recent developments in collaborative governance. There are detailed examples, tips and lessons learned about transforming community engagement and attitudes toward public service as well as what it takes to be an appreciative city.


Author: Barbara E. Lewis

Barbara is a consulting partner and AI trainer with the Corporation for Positive Change. She is also president of Catalyst Inc., which is dedicated to advancing the art of collaboration. Focusing much of her work on local governments, Barbara has used AI for citywide planning, infrastructure construction, budgeting and sustainable community visioning.


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Author: Karen Roney

Karen is the community services director for the City of Longmont, Colorado. She is responsible for the overall leadership and direction of the City’s housing, human services, neighborhood, recreation, cultural and educational services. Karen had a key role in introducing Appreciative Inquiry as an approach to municipal strategic planning and visioning. E:

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