Appreciative & Strengths-based Lean Thinking


Lean Thinking emphasises the importance of value, flow and continuous improvement. It is based on an assumption that there is a theoretical ‘perfect state’ for each organisational process and that the current state deviates from the perfect state due to inefficiencies and waste. Strengths-based Lean Thinking shifts the focus to co-constructing a vision that is based on our positivecore, and can make process improvement engaging, creative and resourceful, – because it works with what gives life: to people, to organisations and to their processes


Author: David Shaked

David is an author and strength-based change consultant experienced in business improvement methodologies and strategic planning within large corporates in the US, Europe and Middle-East. David works with AI and other strength-based methodologies to improvement approaches such as Lean Thinking and Six Sigma.


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Author: Nicolas Stampf

Nicolas is an internal strength-based efficiency coach trained in AI foundations who practises strength-based facilitation techniques. Nicolas has co-developed the ‘Labso’, an open-source workshop format aimed at experientially teaching participants how to discover, leverage and amplify their strengths through the use of social networks E:

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