Knocking on Washington’s Door


This is the story of how I went from being introduced to Appreciative Inquiry in 2015 to writing to the president of the United States, inviting him to an Introductory Session of AI in June of 2017, to becoming encouraged at the BAWB Forum in Cleveland in June 2017 by three outrageously supportive and inspiring facilitators, who collaborated with me to form a plan to introduce AI into the federal government of the US, beginning with my congressman in Vermont.


Author: Margie Stern

Thank you to all those at the David L. Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry for introducing me to the power of AI. In thinking about the best ways that this enlightening power could be used in the USA right now, my first thought was how it could benefit our federal government in Washington DC. Contact:    

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  1. Margie Stern

    I hope this article inspires people to think about the AI contents as a valuable part of our US government and beyond – not necessarily by talking to President Trump, which was my “crazy” idea, but beginning to dialogue, have “Conversations Worth Having” – referring to the great book by Jackie Stavros and Cheri Torres – with legislators, to invite them to use whatever parts of the AI “atmosphere” that might be useful to them in their conversations that are so important Nationally and Globally, and Universally!

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