Appreciative Inquiry

An Inclusive Method for Inclusive Internationalisation

November 2021
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Higher education institutions’ work with internationalisation is often managed by a small group of people who decide about the strategic direction and priorities. But what happens if we open the door for discussion to all staff? This article describes how a virtual Appreciative Inquiry summit can support the implementation of the ‘Internationalisation at Home’ strategy at the institution-wide level.


Author: Lucie Weissova

Lucie Weissova works as International Relations Manager at Jönköping University, Sweden. Lucie is involved in several ‘Internationalisation at home’ projects, and she is an advocate for inclusive forms of internationalisation. Lucie is a COHEHRE board member, a section of strategic management.


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Author: Ann Johansson

Ann Johansson is a senior lecturer in the Occupational Therapy program, Jönköping University , Sweden. Ann has been the international coordinator for the Department of Rehabilitation and the chair of the International Board for School of Health and Welfare, Jönköping University.


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