Appreciative Inquiry’s Einstein Expansion

AI’s Ever-Widening Circle of Compassion and Positivity Resonance

February 2022
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In this article, the authors articulate a new definition of organization “development” and propose that Appreciative Inquiry can have a directional arrow triggering what we will call the ‘Einstein expansion’ that widens our circle of compassion. Using the remarkable case from National Grid, we detail how an organization can move from inward AI to outward AI to a more upward AI, scaling its impact as a positive institution for world betterment.


Author: Cheryl A.(Cheri) Warren

Cheri is an inspirational leader who is passionate about people, results and sustainable change. Her extensive experience in the energy sector, especially her leadership within the IEEE GlobalSpec board and National Grid, combined with curiosity, imagination and perseverance led to early-stage development of next generation energy delivery approaches that consider needs of people now and well into the twenty-first century.


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Author: David Cooperrider

David L. Cooperrider, Ph.D. is Distinguished University Professor at Case Western Reserve University, and Honorary Chair, the Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry, Champlain College. David received a Lifetime Achievement Award in OD. His newest book is The Business of Building a Better World.


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