Appreciative Leadership: Responding Relationally to the Questions of Our Time


The world has changed, the questions challenging leadership have changed, and hence the nature of leadership must change. This article introduces Appreciative Leadership, a repertoire of life-affirming, relational strategies and practices to address the challenges of the 21st century.


Author: Diana Whitney

Diana Whitney, a leading figure in the development and global dissemination of Appreciative Inquiry, is founder of Corporation for Positive Change and co-founder of the Taos Institute. She has co-authored fifteen books, including Appreciative Leadership, and published dozens of articles and chapters on topics related to spirituality at work and the design of life-affirming organizations. E:

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Author: Amanda Trosten-Bloom

Amanda Trosten-Bloom (Principal, Rocky Mountain Center for Positive Change and Corporation for Positive Change) is a widely acclaimed consultant, master trainer, energizing speaker, and pioneer in the use of Appreciative Inquiry for high engagement, whole-system change. Publications include The Power of Appreciative Inquiry, Appreciative Leadership, Appreciative Team Building and three other books. Contact:

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